Earn Cryptocurrency
Do you want to earn cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Dash every 5 minutes for free? It's easy, read on...
First, create a free micro-wallet with CoinPot. This wallet will collect all your earnings from the coin faucets listed below.
Second, create account in these free coin faucets using your e-mail registered in CoinPot (above):
· Dash
Third, once you are signed in to the faucet, just click CLAIM and enter captcha if asked. You can do this every 5 minutes! If you claim everyday your loyalty points will increase upto 100%, means your claim amount will be doubled by percentage. *Please note that you need to claim at least ONCE in 24 hours, or else your loyalty points will be back to zero.
Fourth, assuming you have a decent amount in your microwallet already, you need to convert, withdraw, or use in Budflick your earnings.